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KnowWho Data, accessed natively in Salesforce

KnowWho for Salesforce makes it easy to access federal, state, local and congressional data in Salesforce. Collect, organize, and track every communication, meeting, campaign, and interaction natively in your Salesforce instance.

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Dynamics CRM

Power your Dynamics CRM government relations by leveraging KnowWho's native apps.

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Outlook Directories


A complete Congressional directory - right in your Outlook contacts.

Web Directories

Just open a web browser to access these convenient and economical government directories and companion self-service list-building tools.

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List Services

Build targeted, custom government email lists from KnowWho's database of more than 200,000 active contacts. Choose the branch of government that fits your objectives or subscribe to one of our self-service, list-building tools.

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Mobile Optimized

All KnowWho products can be viewed on your mobile device. In addition, the products in this section are mobile optimized for ease of use on your phone or tablet.

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KnowWho compiles and maintains up-to-date information for all 541 Members of Congress, their committees, and more than 15,000 staffers.

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Media Advocacy

Reaching the right person matters!

Target your media pitch to outlets that focus on what’s important to you. Your message matters and getting it to the right media professional is half the battle. Choose phone or email, but rest assured, you will get access to key personnel and letters-to-the-editor contacts. Broadcast a strong message with industry professionals your supporters trust.

Locate key media outlet demographics and plan a message for the exact audience you want to reach. Find the media channel or delivery method that suits your mission. Organize contacts based on local and regional resources and get your story or press release covered. If your message takes on a global approach, find an international audience with access to foreign press outlets.

Influence voters with announcements and special reports from media sources they count on. Access vital information for over 20,0000 media contacts from newspaper, magazine, radio, television, and digital media with easy search features. Transmit your next message through channels that get you seen and heard!

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All Federal and State Candidates - Contact Data, Biographies, Social Media URLs, Election Details

KnowWho is a trusted source for campaign professionals, consultants, agencies, and developers who need accurate and up-to-date information for federal and state candidates. Our skilled editors keep track of up to 22,000 candidates in an election cycle, including filing deadlines, gathering data, and getting that data to our customers quickly. Whether you sell products or services to candidates or are a web developer looking to build a sample ballot, our reliable and continuously updated data, in several formats, will keep you coming back time and again.

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Federal Executives

Reach the people that matter

Integrate the power of data that delivers contact details and biographical data for 28,000 engaged executives in The White House, federal departments, and independent agencies. Reach out to the decision makers for meaningful conversations and interactions.

Build a foundation of reliable information that connects the federal officials list of executives to your native SalesForce platform. Apply KnowWho data to increase efficacy in communication efforts. Start off right and incorporate confidence into every communication channel that your data is accurate and current.

The White House

State Government

We open the door to state government officials you want to meet

The election cycle promotes plenty of occasions to meet influential people. Be equipped with facts about state executives and elected officials for a clear advantage over your competition. Communicate with compliance in mind with an accomplished database of contacts, background data, and social media channels. Circulate your message, feedback, and questions to candidates and/or elected officials with the power at your fingertips.

Delve deeper and monitor committee and sub-committee assignments that involve Governors, Lt. Governors and top legal executives in all 50 states. Large or small, our scaleable solutions make it easy to get details about chamber leadership and state-wide legislators that matter to your cause. Implement any level of service and feel confident the data is bold, fresh, and authentic with over 4,000 official contacts.

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Zip Code to District Matching Services

Matching constituents, advocates, and supporters to congressional districts just got easier.

Build a custom GIS data service using geospatial data, the US Postal Service, and KnowWho proprietary data services. Search millions of zip codes to layout districts and areas of interest in just seconds. Match data points and districts in the same table in formats like CSV, XML, and MySQL.

Match constituents or supporters with their representatives and legislative districts. Even when zip codes don’t follow boundary lines for clear district determination, use geospatial applications to create shape files and polygons of specified areas. Combined with KnowWho data solutions, the power of information is yours to control!

We know Zip Codes span across more than one congressional district. That’s why we provide the tools to expand zip codes boundaries to represent the big picture perspective to plot and plan as you see fit.

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For Grassroots & Advocacy Professionals

Grassroots and advocacy professionals have unique needs, and KnowWho has your solutions listed below.

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For Government Relations & Lobbying Organizations

Use this section to browse KnowWho products and services developed for government relations and lobbying organizations.

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For Developers & Consultants

Browse KnowWho services for internal and third-party developers and consultants. Leverage our data in your own custom solutions using the products listed below.

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For Governments & The Public Sector

These products are ideal for use by federal, state, and local government organizations who want a single source for updated government contacts.

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For Librarians & Educators

Provide your library patrons or students with comprehensive and up-to-date government directories at budget-friendly prices.

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Browse By Market


Are you an advocacy organization, lobbyist, public sector employee, or perhaps a librarian?

Use this section to browse KnowWho products and services built specifically with your needs in mind.

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Browse By Platform


Build your success with KnowWho government relations solutions.

No matter what platform you use.

Browse By Data Type

Browse By Data Type


Build your success on a solid foundation of KnowWho data.

Web Services

Our elected officials directory service is a comprehensive set of elected official content, easily consumable in JSON or XML and updated on a nightly basis. KnowWho supplies the content, and you control the usage and design.

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Examine changes in the United Kingdom up close and personal without ever leaving your office.

Engage effectively across political spheres, public sector administration, and public affairs throughout the United Kingdom and European Union with reliable data gathered by the Dods Group. Get accurate information about current posts and political interests that will drive your next campaign or advocacy event.

Integrate Dod Parliament data directly into your Salesforce platform and elevate access to thousands of records, photos, and contact information. Empower your team with data they can count on to reach out with confidence.

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KnowWho Data for Developers

Government database for third-party applications

If you’re building a custom application, KnowWho’s data makes it easy to import congressional, federal/executive, state and local data into your project. Combine the best government database on the market with your application to add highly-scalable data with multiple service levels and delivery options.

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Local Government

Engage local officials confidently with data you can trust.

Our modern approach to data collection leaves no stone unturned. We provide a multi-platform solution to provide you with a format suited to your organization's needs. Our comprehensive data solutions cover more than 63,000 local elected officials, administrators, and law enforcement officials for 3,000 counties and 4,000 municipalities.

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