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Salesforce CRM

KnowWho Data, accessed natively in Salesforce

KnowWho for Salesforce makes it easy to access federal, state, local and congressional data in Salesforce. Collect, organize, and track every communication, meeting, campaign, and interaction natively in your Salesforce instance.

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Dynamics CRM


Power your Dynamics CRM government relations by leveraging KnowWho's native apps.

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Outlook Directories


A complete Congressional directory - right in your Outlook contacts.

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Web Directories


Just open a web browser to access these convenient and economical government directories and companion self-service list-building tools.

KnowWho Data for Developers

Government database for third-party applications

If you’re building a custom application, KnowWho’s data makes it easy to import congressional, federal/executive, state and local data into your project. Combine the best government database on the market with your application to add highly-scalable data with multiple service levels and delivery options.

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List Services


Build a custom list from KnowWho's extensive data collection or subscribe to one of our self-service list-building tools.

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Mobile Optimized


All KnowWho products can be viewed on your mobile device. In addition, the products in this section are mobile optimized for ease of use on your phone or tablet.

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KnowWho compiles and maintains up-to-date information for all 541 Members of Congress, their committees, and more than 15,000 staffers.

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Media Advocacy


Need to send a letter to the editor or promote your cause to the media? KnowWho has more than 20,000 newspaper, magazine, radio, television, and digital media contacts.

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KnowWho is the authoritative source for federal and state candidate data. We offer raw data, web services to display on your website, and a self-service list tool.

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Federal Executives


Detailed contact and biograhical data for 28,000 top executives in The White House, Departments, and Independent Agencies.

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State Government


There were 6,040 seats up for election this term, and 908 of those seats were won by a new state legislator! KnowWho helps you keep up with all the changes.

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ZIP Code to District Matching Services


Do you need to match your donors, employees, or supporters to their federal, state, or local legislative districts? KnowWho has the tools.

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For Grassroots & Advocacy Professionals


Grassroots and advocacy professionals have unique needs, and KnowWho has your solutions listed below.

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For Government Relations & Lobbying Organizations


Use this section to browse KnowWho products and services developed for government relations and lobbying organizations.

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For Developers & Consultants


Browse KnowWho services for internal and third-party developers, and consultants. Find demos, and other useful material in our DEVELOPER CENTER.

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For Governments & The Public Sector


These products are ideal for use by federal, state, and local government organizations who want a single source for updated government contacts.

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For Librarians & Educators


Provide your library patrons or students with comprehensive and up-to-date government directories at budget-friendly prices.

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Browse By Market


Are you an advocacy organization, lobbyist, public sector employee, or perhaps a librarian?

Use this section to browse KnowWho products and services built specifically with your needs in mind.

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Browse By Platform


Build your success with KnowWho government relations solutions.

No matter what platform you use.

Browse By Data Type

Browse By Data Type


Build your success on a solid foundation of KnowWho data.

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Web Services


Power your website with KnowWho's comprehensive and up-to-date content.  Sign-up for our DEVELOPER CENTER to access demos, set-up instructions, and more.

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Local Government


KnowWho maintains data on more than 63,000 local officials - all 3,000 counties and more than 4,000 cities and towns in the U.S.

By Data - International



Have data needs for officials outside the US? KnowWho has you covered.

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