KnowWho Data for Developers

Government database for third-party applications

If you’re building a custom application, KnowWho’s data makes it easy to import congressional, federal/executive, state and local data into your project. Combine the best government database on the market with your application to add highly-scalable data with multiple service levels and delivery options.

Person on laptop with a symbol over the top showing all of the options that they could choose from to access using said laptop

Congressional data

Access congressional data on 541 Members of Congress and 13,000 staffers to populate your third-party application.


Federal Executive data

Target 28,000 key executives in The White House, federal departments, and independent and quasi-governmental organizations in your application.


State Government data

Gain access to every data point government relations professionals and developers needed for your state government affairs solution, including legislators' leadership assignments, committees, and staff.


Local Government data

KnowWho offers the most complete data set available for county and municipal data.


Candidate data

If your application needs to access always-changing candidate data, KnowWho makes it easy. Our data is updated weekly with the latest contact, biographical and other information so that your tool is always up-to-date.


Media advocacy

Media Advocacy Data Service helps you get in front of editors at major media outlets.