Zip Code to District Matching Services

Matching constituents, advocates, and supporters to congressional districts just got easier.

Build a custom GIS data service using geospatial data, the US Postal Service, and KnowWho proprietary data services. Search millions of zip codes to layout districts and areas of interest in just seconds. Match data points and districts in the same table in formats like CSV, XML, and MySQL.

Match constituents or supporters with their representatives and legislative districts. Even when zip codes don’t follow boundary lines for clear district determination, use geospatial applications to create shape files and polygons of specified areas. Combined with KnowWho data solutions, the power of information is yours to control!

We know Zip Codes span across more than one congressional district. That’s why we provide the tools to expand zip codes boundaries to represent the big picture perspective to plot and plan as you see fit.

Red push pin on a map marking Washington, D.C.