State KnowWho for the Web


State KnowWho for the Web is a complete, economical resource that contains contact and biographical data for all 7,552 state legislators and details on over 9,500 state legislator staff and more than 5,500 state executives. Automatic daily updates of editorial changes keep the data accurate and current. There is no better online resource to help you achieve your political and advocacy goals at the state level.

Features and Benefits:

  • Includes 21,000 state legislators, staff, and executives
  • Access to email, mailing and physical addresses, phone and fax numbers, website URLs, and social media links
  • Detailed biographies, election information, professional and personal history, educational background, associations, and memberships
  • External links to data such as briefing reports and interactive district maps
  • Ability to search by a specific person or organization, or simply browse the directory (note: contacts are not downloadable in this product - see the companion State KnowWho Web Mailing List product for list-building.)
  • Nightly data refresh that keeps information updated regularly
  • Access via any major web browser - Google, Microsoft, Safari, or Firefox
Price: $199.00 - $699.00