State KnowWho for Salesforce


State KnowWho for Salesforce gives you direct access to all 4,000 state executives, 7,552 state legislators, plus more than 9,500 state legislative staff, committees, and leaders in all 50 states. It is the only complete state government directory built on the native Salesforce platform which means no integration is required and there is no new software to learn. This time-saving resource equips you with all the power of Salesforce combined with robust state government data - all the tools you need to improve your communications with state legislative and executive officials, track meetings and events, share information, and meet your reporting requirements.

Features and Benefits:

  • Contains comprehensive legislative and executive contact information, biographical data, committees, and leadership from all 50 state governments
  • Nightly updates ensure all information is up-to-dateNative to Salesforce, meaningthere is no new software to learn
  • Ability to leverage all the tools within your CRM to create campaigns, direct mail and email lists, document audit trails, and more
  • External links to data such as briefing reports, interactive maps, and elections
  • Build email campaigns and manage your relationships with officialsOptions to customize to increase functionality with a variety of add-on apps like Action Center Toolkit, Map Wizard, Lobbying Activity Tracker, and ZDM (ZIP Code to District Matching)