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Phone2Action Acquired KnowWho

Bruce Brownson, CEO of KnowWho

What an incredible day for KnowWho! We were acquired by Phone2Action, the leading public affairs and government relations technology platform in the world!

We are the second such acquisition for Phone2Action in recent weeks, and by combining our tools will build a solution that will be the envy of the entire marketplace. KnowWho joins GovPredict in becoming part of the Phone2Action family.

I started KnowWho 21 years ago in the basement of my house driven by my firm belief that good data was going to be the currency that fueled growth in the 21st century. Last year, according to The Economist, data surpassed oil as the world’s most valuable resource. Along with a great team of editors and developers, unrelenting demand for accuracy, a lot of hard work, and always listening to our great customers, I think we got it right.   

Phone2Action was founded by Jeb Ory, CEO, and Ximena Hartsock in 2012 and have steadily become a household name in the advocacy and government relations space. They have been responsible for nearly 100,000,000 messages sent to lawmakers and engaging nearly 30,000,000 advocates.

Phone2Action to date has been an incredible partner and we’re excited that they saw the potential in KnowWho, in the technology we’ve developed, the products we’ve built, the people we support, and the KnowWho team.

KnowWho’s solutions will now have the potential to keep getting better by incorporating the technology developed by Phone2Action, and the data collated and interpreted by GovPredict. We plan to expand our offerings including our 100% native Salesforce CRM solutions.

Just as the recent election was unlike any other, the administration and Congress that will take office in January will deal with unprecedented challenges. From pandemic relief to economic recovery, and important issues like immigration, healthcare and climate change, organizations will be addressing the most important legislation of our age.

At the same time, advocacy is booming. Activists took more than 14 million actions in the first half of this year. Public officials received more than 12.6 million communications. The need to cut through the noise has never been greater! KnowWho works tirelessly to power through the noise with our nearly 300,000 direct-to-source touches and more than three million electronic touches with officials across the country to accurately maintain our databases of elected officials and influencers.

Our goal is to give you the tools to navigate that landscape with confidence. All three products being a part of the Phone2Action family means you get one vendor, one invoice and three game-changing technologies.

We at KnowWho, believe that knowledge is power as well as in the power of engagement. This belief is shared by the leadership of Phone2Action and GovPredict!

The future was bright and is now incredibly brighter!

Richer Data. Deeper insights. Better outcomes. It all adds up to more powerful advocacy—and that's what delivers change.

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