Media Advocacy Data Service


Media Advocacy Data Service is specifically designed to get your messages to the letters-to-the-editor contacts at major media outlets. With more than 8,000 newspapers, radio, TV, online, magazine and foreign press outlets, KnowWho can help you get your voice heard. Each record includes an organization’s information, plus a targeted contact that is waiting for your message.

Features and Benefits:

  • Contact information for media experts to help you submit commentary  or advocacy letters-to-the-editor
  • Media outlet demographics to help you target the right outlets for your messages
  • Sophisticated geo-coding allowing you to locate and contact the appropriate media outlet for your area based upon location
  • Ability to choose from a variety of service levels, delivery options, and update schedules to meet your needs and budget
  • Option to add congressional, federal executive, state executive, state legislative, county, and municipal data