Local Lobbying Activity Tracker for Salesforce


Now there is an easy way to keep track of your local lobbying activities with Local Lobbying Activity Tracker for Salesforce (LAT).  Simply add the LAT app to your Local KnowWho for Salesforce directory subscription to manage and track all lobbying activities of covered officials, as well as contributions and expenses. LAT is the first native online lobbying tracker available for Salesforce.

Features and Benefits:

  • Ability to track activities for multiple clients by multiple lobbyists with multiple covered officials quickly, easily and effectively – no more spreadsheets
  • LAT works with your own accounts and contacts for clients and lobbyists, and relates the activity to the KnowWho directories for covered officials
  • Native to Salesforce, means there is no new software to learn
  • CRM capture affords user interaction with and sharing of all lobbying data including associated tasks, opportunities, campaigns, notes, and schedules
  • Create reports to aggregate activity by client, lobbyist, issues, covered officials, and other data needed to file your required lobbying activity forms
  • Additional apps like Action Center Toolkit and ZDM (ZIP Code to District Matching) help create a complete local government relations solution
Price: $999.00