Local Elected Officials Directory Service


Local Elected Officials Directory Service (EODS) is a comprehensive set of content on local-level elected officials that is easily consumable in solutions that use JSON or XML, making it perfect for application development, legislative district data appending, and enhanced website functionality. KnowWho supplies the content, and you control the usage and design. Daily updates ensure information is current and accurate.

Features and Benefits:

  • Contact information for local elected officials in all 3,300 counties and more than 3,500 municipalities Address, phone and fax numbers, email,  social media URLs, and biographical information
  • Use JSON or XML to submit your request, then parse the return in the same format
  • District matching for an address, 9-digit ZIP code, or latitude and longitude
  • Combine with KnowWho’s messaging service to send messages to local elected officials
  • Federal and state directory content is also available
Price: $4,995.00