Simplify your Congressional Relations

Leverage the power of KnowWho data and Salesforce functionality to educate, inform and advise Members of Congress and their staffs on issues important to you. Our native Salesforce solutions enable you to organize, track, and manage your organization’s interactions, visits, and casework with each Member’s office

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Change is constant in Congress, but this election cycle sees Democrats take majority in the U.S. House and that changes everything … from leadership to room changes. KnowWho tracks those changes daily and pushes to our Salesforce solutions to ensure you are up-to-date.

Target Key Influencers

Comprehensive contact data and detailed background information helps you find the appropriate elected official or staffer to establish a strong, strategic network for successful inter-government relations.

Frequent Updates

KnowWho delivers daily updates to legislators, staffers, and committees to ensure your data is up-to-date.

Access 24/7 on any electronic Device

Enjoy greater peace of mind, knowing that you have access to the information you need when you need it. Simply log-in to Salesforce at any time from your laptop, smartphone, or tablet for instant access to your contacts, tasks, and activities.

Create Efficiencies and Maximize Resources

Put away the spreadsheets! With KnowWho for Salesforce all activities are logged in one place, allowing you to streamline processes, create transparency throughout your agency, and save staff time and organization resources.

Product Recommendations

Take charge of your organization’s interactions with Members of Congress and their staffs with continuously updated data right in your Salesforce instance. Here are a few suggestions.

For Salesforce

Congress KnowWho for Salesforce

Comprehensive Congressional directory of all 541 Members of Congress and 15,000+ staffers, includes committees, subcommittees and caucuses

For Salesforce

Congress ZDM for Salesforce

Quickly match your citizens and supporters to their Congressional district.

For Salesforce

FedExec KnowWho for Salesforce

Directory of 20,000+ Key Executives in the Federal Departments and Agencies.

For Salesforce

State KnowWho for Salesforce

State government directory of all 7,527 state legislators, staff and committees; and 9,300+ Governors, Lieutenant Governors, and state executives.

For Salesforce

State ZDM for Salesforce

Quickly match your citizens and supporters to their state legislative district.

For Salesforce

Local KnowWho for Salesforce

Local government directory of 63,700 elected officials in all 3,000 U.S. counties and 3,600 municipalities with populations greater than 10,000.

For Salesforce

Local ZDM for Salesforce

Quickly match your citizens and supporters to their local legislative district.

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What's Included in our Data?

KnowWho can continually offer updates on the following information:

  • Telephone, Fax, Email, and Website
  • Social Media URLs
  • Street and Mailing Addresses
  • Leadership Officers
  • Committee, Subcommittee and Caucus Assignments
  • Photograph and Detailed Biography
  • Staff with Contact Information and Issue Areas
  • Detailed Legislative District Maps
  • Briefing Report to Print or Email
  • Links to External Data such as News Sources

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