Congress KnowWho for Salesforce Review: Saves So Much Time Managing Relationships on The Hill

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5 out of 5

Saves So Much Time Managing Relationships on The Hill


We are an anti-hunger advocacy organization, and use the KnowWho Congressional directory to look up legislative staff information to arrange meetings on the Hill & track them in Salesforce (the latter through our own custom object outside of this app). Before we installed the directory, we had to look up this information to manually create Accounts & Contacts - and who knows how long that info would be good for. Now, it’s all up to date automatically, and since this app uses standard Accounts & Contacts we can easily link legislative contacts to other objects, both standard & custom, to better measure our efforts. PRO-TIP: If you use a duplicate management app, KnowWho creates & manages all legislators & legislative staff as a separate record type, so you can exclude them from dupe blocking scenarios. You would be surprised how many people on the Hill have the same/similar names!

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