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Influencers are Your Most Important Audience.

Get your ads & content in front of the people
who can make a difference

Use KnowWho's Policy Influencer Datafile to drive measurable outcomes at the national, state, or local level.

Clients using KnowWho's Policy Influencer Datafile have access to the right audience to educate, change opinions, raise money, and frame the dialogue of current policy discussions.

Using our many exclusive data sources, you can reach key policy and decision-makers who already have an audience of thousands that are simply a tweet or a post away.


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Our customers are seeing epic roi

“Our firm includes assets from the Influencer Datafile- as a requirement- in every outbound Campaign.”

Gale E.
D.C. Based PR Firm

“Unequaled research and coverage of Influencers- nothing else comes close – at any price.”

Bart S.
NY Survey / Polling Firm


Influencer Datafile contains unique
and exclusive datasets

With experienced editors and decades of data collection and management experience, Policy Influencer Datafile is a proven and reliable source.

Carefully thought-out and custom crafted with more than 1 million influencer records, matched to voting records and uniquely categorized, PIDF is designed to drive the successful outcome of your campaign.

Our team of 25 US-based editors track down, review, update, and maintain this unique database of key influencers who can advance your agenda.

Data intelligence and regular updates ensure your ads are getting to the people who can make a difference.


Targeting Policy Influencers
Requires Significant Resources

But you already know that, right?

The biggest hurdle to a successful campaign is targeting the proper audience.

PIDF is segmented into categories, groups, subgroups, and geo-location. We dive deeper than any other provider to give you the pinpoint accurate targeting you can’t find anywhere else.

Increase your roi immediately by targeting new influencers.

PIDF gives you access to 23 exclusive data sets, effectively extending your reach as you never have before.

Time is of the essence when launching your campaign.

Our self-service tools and custom list-building support team are always available to help you select the right influencers and launch your campaign on time.



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